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  2. deepbluedoom

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    I washed it three times a day with unscented soap, dried it carefully with a clean paper towel and I was extremely careful with it. There's no reason it should have scabbed up like it did, which is why I was asking if anyone has encountered it.
  3. mac_1au

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    To me it looks like it was done with cheap inks by someone who can’t tattoo , but you say it was done in a shop. 🤔 you say you looked after it well but the 2nd pic looks like a massive scab, you do know you had to wash it and the scab would have been minimal? unless it’s a ‘healing’ thing due to your medical condition then I have no answer for you (my sister is type 1 diabetic with loads of tattoos and never once had any problems) except go back to the shop where it was done and get them to fix it as it’s only6 months old and looks like it’s 60 years old! Good luck!
  4. Leave that gap as usual, if you insist to fill the gap anyway. You can try minimalist tattoos.
  5. deepbluedoom

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    I'm not sure where you got the idea that my tattoo was done by a friend, or in a non sterile environment. I got it in a shop in a big city that has passed all their health inspections. Nothing about this was unsafe. I consulted multiple doctors, the tattoo was not infected. I have no idea how anything you posted is relevant.
  6. Tattoos9

    Tattoo healed badly, not sure why

    Before making the decision to get a tattoo, be sure you are educated about possible health risks associated with the practice. These risks are minimal but can occur nonetheless. Non-sterile tattoo practices can possibly lead to the transmission of infectious organisms such as Hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Be sure to follow the exact instructions on caring for your new tattoo. Your skin is open and is in the healing process during the first few weeks after your tattooing session so be sure to take care of it carefully. Another thing to consider is allergic reactions to the pigment. If you are aware of any allergies you may have, be sure to share them with your tattoo artist. There is a list provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is known as Universal Precautions. This is part of the Blood borne Pathogens Rule that was issued by the EPA. They apply in any health service setting that exposure to bodily fluids and blood is likely to occur. This includes tattoo parlors. Many states and local authorities have their own regulations for tattoo parlors that are based on the EPA guidelines. Check to see if your state or local municipality has such regulations. Also, look into any professional licensure that your state may have in effect for tattoo parlors. Finally, the biggest thing to remember when getting a tattoo is to NOT let a friend try to tattoo you. Please leave it to the professionals who make this art their livelihood. They have the training and licensing to provide you with a clean and safe service.
  7. In December, I got my first tattoo and ... it healed badly in such a way that no tattoo artist I've spoken to has ever seen it heal like this. I have some health challenges, I'm a type 1 Diabetic but I have a good A1C, as well I'm on two immunosuppressants, Tacrolimis and Mycophenolate. None of my doctors suggested a tattoo would be a problem when I asked. So, I was extremely careful with healing and I know it did not get infected. I kept it very clean with gentle, recommended antimicrobial soap (soft soap), dried it gently and after a few days used unscented Lubriderm and tried to keep it moisturized. However, it still scabbed extremely badly and then basically fell off in one solid piece. I was really careful, I followed aftercare instructions to the letter, I didn't let cloth rub up against it or expose it to the sun.... I'm not really sure what happened here. I wonder if I'm allergic to an ingredient in the purple inks because the blue turned out a little better or if the artist went too deep or something? Has anyone encountered this? Thanks! Fresh: https://i.imgur.com/jctTEi5.png Scabbed: https://i.imgur.com/qSDwEFF.png Healed: https://i.imgur.com/cFptFkZ.png
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  9. jakebofftattoo

    Apprentice anxiety

    Hi. I have been an apprentice for around 7 weeks now. My boss kind of threw me in at the deepend and im tattooing already! Ive done 5 portraits in that time and a few other bits and bobs but only on willing family members. The tattooing itself is going great and im making really good progress, but ive got massive anxiety about tattooing the general public. Ive got some social anxiety and i just pretty much turn into a nervous wreck at the thought of it. I just dont know what to say. My boss is super confident and does it with ease so im watching him and hoping that will rub off on me but hes been doing it for 20 years so i guess hes a master at it. Anyone else have this? Is it normal and will it pass?
  10. jakebofftattoo


    Hi im new here!
  11. Colton.Keffer

    Anesthetics?whats Good?

    Hush is pretty good. Just make sure to follow the directions.
  12. Colton.Keffer

    Obligatory noob post

    Hey! I’m new on this forum, but I found it helpful. I’m a dad. I’m aggressively positive, and I work really hard at not being a dick. I’m currently drawing my ass off, painting, and tattooing (practice skins) and actively seeking an apprenticeship in Houston, Texas. Ive wanted to be a Tattooer since I was little. However, I grew up in a very conservative household and that dream got shit on.... like a lot. I’m 28 years old now. I’ve exhausted every career option I could get ahold of, and now that the industry has been saturated and the market is insanely competitive, I think it’s time to chase my dream. Okay, thanks for reading. If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it -Colton
  13. adm

    What is your experience?

    Yeah its normal. It's also normal that you're so full of yourself 3 months into tattooing. Shut the fuck up, stay humble and keep at it
  14. LithiumPoweredSun

    Odd skin rash thing?

    Heya! I've had a few tattoos in my life and they've all healed up pretty normal but this most recent one I had done in April, while it still looks good and the ink stayed in, is having a weird irritation that neither I nor my artist can identify. It doesn't hurt, it only itched for a day or two when it first showed up three weeks ago, but it's still there. Raised up, red, bumpy kinda skin, only where there's shading. Any ideas? Can't post a pic cause it's too large a file.
  15. Tattoobambino

    What is your experience?

    I have been a tattoo apprentice for 7/8 months now. Tattooing for roughly 3. I am on apprentice pay but don't get paid for extra hours I do (i did 6 extra hours this week) and tend to carry on work once I'm home. I obviously do everything from cleaning, stencils, reception work, designs and tattooing. I do 90% of the designs and my boss often takes credit for my stuff. I have a ridiculous work load and always work to the best of my ability. I get a lot of attention, support and praise for my tattoos off clients and other tattoo artists. I already have regular clients 💖. I charge for my tattoos, but my boss pockets it all and will do so until I get my licence. He also takes my tips. He gives me repeated tattoos and doesn't post my work because of this. Is this normal? I love tattooing and am not scared of hard work but I am struggling to live on my pay and feel underappreciated and over worked at the moment. What is everyone else's experience ? Is this just normal? Should I confront this?
  16. I'd be incredibly grateful to hear from others who are experienced with tattoos. I have an old scar on my forearm which I'd love to cover up with this tattoo shown. Except mine would be a bit larger... meaning the font would be at least half inch in size and I will make sure there is at least 2mm space in between each letter. Should I be WORRIED the font will look horrible in yrs? I'm not getting it on my wrist... it will be higher up on my forearm (3 inches away from my wrist). Thanks in advance for any input! PS: I really prefer to have the font rather than just that green vegan symbol... but NOT if the font will look horrible in the future or am I safe with this simple font??...
  17. gaoling


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  18. gaoling


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  19. J.J. Flash

    my tattoo is turning purple

    That's called blow out. It can happen for a lot of reasons. Here's some info for you. http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/what-is-tattoo-blowout/
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  21. DevilzInkBp

    My Machine Sprays Ink??

    I just went through this and put my contact screw at a 45 angle and made sure the down force was at the top of my needle tit
  22. EVIL4u2nv


    Hi All, New to the site and wondered where I can list advertising for artists to come work in my studio? Thanks Gav
  23. EVIL4u2nv

    Postions Available

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and wondered if there was a section to advertise for artists to come work in my studio? Thanks Gav
  24. mark101

    Communication with Artist and Client.

    Imagine if you will hes a popular artist how many customers do you think he may have emailing him every day to you its important but to him its just getting in the way of him working. would you like him to be answering messages during your paid for time ? wait until the day before as well instructed if you like what he has drawn them get it but dont let him pressure you if its not what you want when are you due to get the tattoo?
  25. Hey All, If you were getting a custom piece (half sleeve) done, wouldn't you want to collaborate with the artist and get feedback via email or phone? Reason I ask is because I'm getting a piece done in a few days and the artist isn't giving me much feedback. In email, I have expressed things I want in the piece and not sure how to make it flow so I wanted suggestions from the artist but heard nothing back. After a week, I would send another email to see if I should just send images over and the person said "sure, send over what you like." That's all that was said in the email. At this point, I'm getting a little worried and not sure what to do. I paid the security deposit and supposed to get a proof of the tattoo the day before the session. Is it normal to have this kind of minimal interaction with the person that is supposed to be tattooing me? I've asked questions regarding my tattoo design and not once has he spoken about it to me once. Our first interaction began May 14, 2018. I would like to get feedback from artists and others on this.
  26. Thanks, I will check it out. My normal supplier doesn't seem to stock it (I'm in the UK) but I will look further afield. Any others I should try out?
  27. WillowFrog

    my tattoo is turning purple

    Picture please
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