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  2. There ya go; could've run that by Mark's response. Glad you came back out of your safe area to be pampered into a reasonable response. Answer number 3: Don't get tattooed on vacation, dope!
  3. I may have overdone the aftercare. I used dial soap for the first 3 days maybe 3 times a day and a very thin layer of aquafor after each time and maybe some times in between if it seemed dry (probably where I overdid it) and then switched to unscented lotion only when it was dry. I’m trying to leave it be and let it peel on it’s own now hoping it’ll resolve itself. I got the tattoo on a trip so I can’t return to where I had it done, so I’d have to find someone local to me if it needed to be fixed. As far as I know the tattoo shop where I had it done had good yelp reviews and everything but I supppsed it could’ve been an issue with the artist. It took him less than 10 minutes to do the tattoo so I’m assuming it wasn’t overworked?
  4. Yellow scabbing?

    What he said. It's easy to overwork small corners like that when applying solid color. It's just a little beat up from a heavy hand.
  5. Not sure why you got sarcasm and rudeness from Mark's statement? 1: It's difficult to overwork a simple tattoo such as yours, but it can be done. An overworked (badly applied) tattoo would do just what you have there. So it's not an infection, or allergic reaction, or anything else to be concerned about - if it were poorly applied. It's going to heal looking faded and possibly with a scar over it. 2: He's also asking you if it's possible that you've applied too much aftercare; which implies the question: what did you do for aftercare? Most first-timers overdo the aftercare ointment/lotion process, which causes heavy scabbing and inflammation. A third question would be, have you scratched or picked at it at all? Not trying to be presumptuous or accusatory; but it's a legitimate question the answer to which would be pertinent information These are points of concern for the current condition of your tattoo. And as Mark also stated, a tattoo like this should have healed very quickly. How do you "fix" this issue, now? You don't. You leave it alone to see how it heals. Now, back to Mark's initial answer (which was way more concise than this ramble). Had you replied with either, "the tattooer seemed to be having a hard time"; or, "I put extra ointment on thinking it would heal better" we would have had some relevant solutions for you. 1: If it was poorly applied, don't go back to the same tattooer to fix it because he/she severely sucks at his/her job if this design tripped them up. If it scars, let it be for a few months, then go find someone else who can fix it in less than a minute. 2: If the tattooer did apply this in a quick and accurate manner (not having to go over each line multiple times to make it "dark"; and not crossing the center with each line - which would have overworked the small area of intersection), then whatever you did for aftercare didn't work for you. Go back to the same tattooer, tell him/her exactly what you did for aftercare and pay for them to rework it. Keep in mind that the "free touch-up" policy generally does not apply to work that wasn't appropriately cared for; so even if they offer it at no cost, at least tip them for their time, materials and generosity.
  6. First tattoo- is this normal?

    it may not help YOU repair your tattoo that you helped fuck up But at least it may help others avoid the shit you have gotten yourself into so be grateful you may help millions of others avoid the same mistakes for that you can be a hero to the masses. heres a kind of helpful bit what did your tattooist say? ps sarcasm is totally different to honesty Youth of today pffftttt .... ask this question on tattoodles.com
  7. You realize that isn’t helpful at all right? I came here to get some insight and you being rude and sarcastic doesn’t do me any good. So thanks. Whether it was badly applied or had too much aftercare, that doesn’t help me fix the issue now.
  8. First tattoo- is this normal?

    Normal for a badly applied tattoo that has had too much aftercare on it? something like that should in normal circumstances be virtually if not fully healed by now
  9. This is my first tattoo. I got it on November 12th. Does this look normal? The scabbing and milky color is freaking me out that something is wrong. It isn’t warm to the touch or anything or really red. Thanks for any answers!
  10. Yellow scabbing?

    That could be indicative of plasma without dust/dirt/blood mixed in with it. I'd say that as long as you don't see anything that would indicate infection, that's what this is.
  11. Tattoo Design Help

    Speak to marc or natalie at onaths in the netherlands tell them the cryptic fucker from the uk sent you or travel to belguim and speak to karl at 358 tattoo and tell him his brother sent you
  12. Tattoo Design Help

    Black shading in the green to give it dimension and contrast.
  13. Hello, I have a tattoo on my wrist that I desperately want to fix up, but I'm not quite sure what's feasible and what's unrealistic as far as what can be done to it... The tattoo itself is an ode to my service dog that I've had for 9 years and has her paw print right in the middle, and I'd like that to remain the main focal point of the design, but as of right now it looks rather dull and lifeless. I'd like to fix it up somehow without expanding it and to make it more vibrant and beautiful, but I'm just at a loss as to how to do that. Should I just spruce up the colors, or add a lace trim to the heart/bones? I've asked around but as I am in the Netherlands now ( recently moved) my resources are extremely limited. Can any of you possibly give me any advice, or help me make this tattoo as epic as possible? For reference purposes I have attached a picture of the tattoo in question. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  14. I’ve had 21 tattoos so far, but I’ve never had one scab over yellow like?
  15. I’ve had 21 tattoos so far, but I’ve never had one scab over yellow like?
  16. Last week
  17. Just ordered the Fusion ink Rick Walters set
  18. Ink is one area you dont scrimp and save on you can save a little on everything else to do with tattooing but not ink that is the only lasting reminder of any tattoo Not saying you are trying too mind you!!
  19. Most suppliers only stock maybe 4-5 brand names as far as I know, so you may have to search a bit for one that sells multiple different brands and chose your reds from there,
  20. @mac_1au & @mark101 thanks for the suggestions. I have some sites I can order from, was more wondering if there are sites where I could get different samples of reds. For the moment I mainly use black, yellow and red but a little sample/travel set to extend my color range is definitely something to think about. Magic moon I know, have their cartridge needles. Never checked their site though... might be worth a visit.
  21. Or go to the above but it wont be there for long lol.
  22. Or you could try Bill Stevenson from www.waverlycolor.com , pretty sure they have sample sets and their prices are good for what you get, only downfall would be shipping as they are in USA. just checked and a sample set is $67 which consists of..... Primary 1oz set now including 2oz bottles of Dark Black and Bluebird. This set is ideal for traveling and conventions, also good for the artist interested in trying Waverly Color before investing in larger sets. Includes: White, Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Medium Blue, Green, Magenta, Brown, Purple, Dark Black, and Bluebird.
  23. Check the magic moon website they are based in germany you will get top brands from there no problem
  24. @David Thanks, will look into that brand. @mark101 I'm in Europe, the Netherlands to be exact.
  25. *edited as i dont wanna get sued for libel * where in the world are you as the list could be area dependant
  26. Hi guys, I've had reactions to some red inks in the past and am reacting to the Intenze Bowery Red I use on myself. Luckily there's no blistering or any of that nasty stuff, mostly itching and bad healing in some spots. The red parts are raised and itchy and the black lines next to them are really light. Easiest would probably be to just not use red of course, but, well I like traditional and I like red Now I know not every red in my other tattoos caused reactions so I am looking for an alternative red(like) ink to use. Do any of you guys have experience with allergic reactions to reds and know of inks that work for "red challenged" people like me? Or maybe places where I can get sample sets to test with? Thanks!
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