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  2. Want a Tattoo

    how much will it cost if bob tyrell
  3. Yesterday
  4. Want a Tattoo

    Sounds like he has enough to go on and speak to an artist and get somethng sketched up he needs to go and see bob tyrell or someone like that if money is no problem
  5. Want a Tattoo

    WTF..... you want someone here to draw up a tattoo for free? Lol 😂 dont you have “google”,that’s what most people use these days or better still, go to a tattoo artist and have him/her draw something up
  6. Want a Tattoo

    Hello, SWIM wants a tattoo, this will be his first! But he doesn't want something trashy, he wants a meaningful tat that will stay for the rest of his life, he doesnt mind a sleeve or a shoulder tat. Also, he recently broke up with the love of his life, so something along those lines, cant forget about her, hurts, and pain but also love, memories for life, happiness, good times together! He also likes to smoke some weed, travel, earn money, extreme sports as well. But mainly the focus of the tat is the exgf. Money isn't a problem. He would like to see designs that are 10/10 and top notch! No garbage plz. Only the best of the best! Oh also the tats are not colored.
  7. If you are looking at it from that angle youbwont see alot lol that picture doesnt show too much
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks! It’s the first picture on the left in the link above. Toward the bottom of the arm
  10. Dont know there isnt a picture of the face lol i like what i can see
  11. Do you feel like the face needs more detail? Or possibly the feathers? Just trying to get another persons perspective. Overall how’s the tattoo? thanks for the reply mark.
  12. Not a lot wrong with that Could add a tiny bit of colour if you feel inclined but i would only go with a touch of red if you really wanted to
  13. Bad cover up. I need some expertise...

    So what if I had it covered with this yes or no?
  14. Phoenix tattoo Hey guys, i just got this new tattoo on my inner bicep to my forearm,(3/4 sleeve) it’s a Phoenix (Chinese/Japanese style). What are your opinions? I feel it lacks detail. Should I ask the artist to add more detail? If so, where do you think?
  15. That's your advice, Dumbfuck? Lotion will protect it from infection? Dangerous misinformation right there. If you're going to be a pathetic salesman, at least be remotely accurate - or even relevant - to the topic. So exactly how does a healed tattoo become infected? Again: fuck off
  16. Bad cover up. I need some expertise...

    It only made it worse. Better apply tattoo lotion to protect it from infection. Your last option would be laser.
  17. Unlike the tattoo it is here to stay lol no mods left
  18. Chest tattoo for male

    In other words get fat now and stay fat lol
  19. Thank you for the response. Can an admin please delete this I can't edit my post. Thanks again.
  20. Chest tattoo for male

    Any large, single image will distort as your body changes. Getting in shape doesn't change the actual measurement of your body too much. Getting "big" does. Not only in the growth period; but mores in the, "exercise sucks" deflation part of your life. Something to consider: the younger you are when you get tattooed, the longer you'll go through life with old tattoos; especially if you put your physique through extreme changes.
  21. It doesn't look like leaves. Cover it, remove it. Either is doable.
  22. I made a stick and poke tattoo and was planning on getting it professionally removed or covered up with a better one. Its on my upper thigh, it's supposed to be tree leaves. I wanted to know what people think of it as it is. I might not be able to get it fixed and just want to know if it's not as bad as I think it is or if it is bad. Thank you for reading and please be nice.
  23. Chest tattoo for male

    Hey everyone I have a tattoo on my shoulder and I'm looking to get my next one on my chest. I'm 18 years old, so I wanted to know if the chest would be a bad idea because I am likely to grow (I'm skinny now and would like to get bigger). As for designs, I'm looking for animals with nature in them, and I didn't know if the animals face could get distorted on the chest over time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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