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Deputy Devilz

Posting Of Racist/ Homophobic / Hating Topics

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In regards to posting racist / homophobic and infact other topics that are offensive to certain groups of people...

can we ask that this stops.

this is party and bullshit.... but its a not a free place to throw about all manner of personal beliefs at the cost of others personally.

Freedom of speech and an opinion is encouraged... but offensive or outwardly discriminative posts are not how this forum wishes to be seen as condoning.

This is a request from the majority of the forum...

many thanks


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Cool. I'm sick of hearing racist & Homophobic remarks

in my day to day life (& I'm white & heterosexual). What

makes this forum special is it's inclusiveness. The fact

that anyone hungry enough to learn is welcome here. I

come here to learn but also to take a break from the day

to day grind. Let's keep this place a nice place to be......

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