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Tipping On A Free But Pricey Tattoo

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Without going into much detail, after arriving to my very 1st tattoo appointment I was told my tattoo was going to be free of charge because of the reason behind getting it. I was originally quoted quite a bit as this persons hourly fee is high,  they're popular across social media platforms. I still tipped 20% of what the total would have been.

Now, I'm going back for a touch-up and said I'd like to add a tiny bit more on... I asked for a grand total and was told I once again do not need to pay as it will be under an hour appointment and touch-ups are free. I'm now stuck on how much I should tip. I believe they deserve to get paid for their job. What would you do in this situation? I was considering either giving their hourly rate + tip, or just the hourly rate.

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