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New and not so new.

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Just popped in to say hello again to everyone.

Its been a while (10 years to be precise)

Life moves on so fast.

Anyhow Ive been out of the game for a few years but decided to get back into things again.

Just bought some new equipment (Couple of Pen style rotaries EZ pen and an Equaliser)

Mark101--The Microdial and T dial I got off you 10 years ago are still going strong.

Ive been mainly tattooing my self and family and recently Ive been asked to do a few hours in a shop over here - mainly flash off the wall type stuff that the owner isn't interested in doing.

Its going to take me a while to read through 10 years of posts though!!!!

Enough for now--Hello again and look forward to being a active again on the forums.

Oh yeah and also subscribing again!!!


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Im good mate.

Last time I spoke to you I think my daughter wasn't well.Good news is they put in a plate in her hip and she`s all good.As a matter of fact shes done a bit in a studio here in Dublin as an apprentice. Shes in her last year of her degree and then shes hoping to apprentice somewhere full time.

Alls ggood.Hows yerself?


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