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Rude to deny tattoo artists aftercare?

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In the past, the tattoo artist always put the saran wrap over my tattoo that you remove after about 3 hours and follow the usual aftercare steps. I’ve never had an issue with the tattoo site at any stage of the healing process besides the initial (expected) swelling. It’s been a few years between my last tattoo and my current one.

I’ve completed 2 of the 3 sessions to finish the tattoo. My tattoo artist uses the saniderm “all in one” film that stays on until the tattoo completely peels. I’m usually all about following directions when it comes to professionals but both times my skin has broken out under the film with a few white head pimples after a few days. I can’t get to them or clean them after they pop until the whole thing comes off. Honestly, the stuff is itchy as hell as well. Like when you keep a bandaids on for too long.

I told my artist about this after the first time and I was just kind of brushed off and was told how amazing the product was and that they don’t keep anything else in house. It’s just a little concerning to me and I don’t really feel comfortable with pimples in my line work while my tattoo is healing or white head puss sitting on my tattoo for days. Is it rude to deny the aftercare film for my 3rd session?

He is the owner of the shop and really seemed all about this product and I don’t want to offend him. Is there a way you would prefer it to be worded if someone was going to turn this down? Or should I just suck it up?


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Do whatever has worked for you in the past.  It's your skin and people heal differently.   

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