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My very first tattoo gun

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Hi everyone!

I've been trying stick n poke for a while now and am pretty good at it! Now I just received my very first tattoo gun (Solong) and have a few questions about it;

1. How do I set up the needle at right lenght?(I know it has to go between 1 and 2 mm into the skin but am not sure how to set it up precisely)

2. Do you have tips or links so I can learn how to do precise, straight lines with my gun

3. My needles seem to have 3 needles in them, can I do straight lines with it and/or shading?


Also, if you have youtube videos or links/website you can recommend for learning, that would be amazing!

I am excited to be part of this community and can't wait to hear from you :)


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1. It goes between 1 mm & 2mm so that would make it approximately 1.5mm

2. if you can’t draw a straight line with a pen or pencil, don’t try it with a ‘gun’

3. See #2 above about the straight lines & how long do you think it will take to shade a tattoo with a   3 needle? ( here’s a tip, needles are marked on the packaging they come in with exactly what they are, ie 

3rl 5rl  etc all the way up to about 18rl where the ‘rl’ part means round liner.

shaders are marked similarly but have the letters ‘rs’ = round shader. 

Buying a  tattoo machine without knowing the absolute basics is like buying a car with no driving experience, sooner or later someone is gonna get seriously fucked up.

use uncle google for tattoo tutorials, or just type a question in the YouTube search box, I’m sure something will pop up😉

Are you aware that you should use 2 machines, one for lining and 1 for shading as they run at different speeds and put the ink in differently

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