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What should I use to wipe with while tattooing

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I've been tattooing off and on for a while now. I'm not a true master by any means. And I'm always eager to learn. But I've tried different ways and would like some input on the matter. What material is best to use for your wipe tag? Cloth? Shop rags? Cotton? Paper towel? Wet or dry? Like what works best in different scenarios? And less traumatic to the skin

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Wet is always less traumatic than dry but it’s easier to wipe your stencil off when wet, I use kitchen towel,white with no printed pattern and it seems to work fine for me and I’m sure a lot of other tattooists. I did have the chance to use  a blue towel made by Kleenex which got discontinued and they were great , 1 sheet lasted like forever! 

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