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Over applied ointment? Did I ruin tattoo?

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Hey guys I recently got my first tattoo, a sternum and chest tattoo. I got it in 2 sessions and after I returned for the second my tattoo artist was not pleased with how it had healed. I thought it looked faded but was not sure and thought it was part of the healing process.

I think I over applied ointment on the first portion and had some decent scabs on my stomach. This second time I used much less and it seems to be healing much better. I posted 2 pictures and you can see how the first portion has healed. I got the first bit done on 12/23/18 #[ it's been 3 weeks. 


My tattoo artist is experienced and said he.should me able to fix it with a second go and touch ups but I wasnt sure if he was just being nice as I was bummed. I feel like an idiot. My question is do you guys think this is fixable to where its look unnoticeable?  Any suggestions or comments appreciated, just want an honest take on it since I'm a little clueless. 


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Trust your artist and do what he tells you to do. If a painter puts up a sign saying ‘wet paint- do not touch’ , just follow the instructions. It’ll probably be ok with a touch up

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