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Safe Production Of Juice Production Line

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You have carefully crafted your signature juice series or cold drink. You have chosen the highest quality ingredients and perfected your Juice Production Line through trial and error. Your juice and smoothies are healthy for your customers and the environment. Also pay attention to the details when shopping to match the packaging. Here's how to choose a bottled drink that fits your delicious work.
Manufacturing certification

Safety packaging begins with manufacturing. Ensure that the facility meets the highest standards of production and safety. You need two key certifications.

The SQF Institute has developed a single global standard for food safety that covers many areas of food production. This certification ensures that companies involved in food packaging manufacturing adhere to a clear set of food safety, quality and legality guidelines.

When purchasing bottles, ensure that the manufacturer and its facilities receive at least a Level 2 SQF certification. This ensures that your juice bottles are manufactured, stored and transported according to a clear set of guidelines, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination.

Contamination of packaging during manufacturing can cause serious problems for downstream customers. In the case of juice bottles, the source of contamination may come from several sources, including poorly filtered compressed air during inhalation and groundwater contamination used in the manufacturing process.

Want to choose reliable, high quality juice making equipment? Shanghai Jimei is your good choice, and our Milk Powder Making Machine has also been loved and favored by many customers. Customers who are in need are welcome to contact us.

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