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Different Juice Production Line Need Different Packaging

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 Chinese Juice Processing Plant have entered the international market, and Chinese-made beverage machinery can be seen in many international markets. Beverage packaging machinery is also gradually moving towards the early stage of investment, more economical, and more reliable product value. The relatively well-developed areas of the bottle-making process are Zhejiang Huangyan, Hebei Yutian, and Guangdong. PP and PE bottles are injection-molded and blow molded in China. Beverage machinery is mainly concentrated in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, PET bottle filling, glass bottle filling and so on.

BOPP material is opaque, but its high temperature resistance is better than PET, so it is widely used in bottled liquid milk and vegetable protein beverages. The bottled liquid beverage filling machine develops the following main processes, three-in-one, four-in-one, aseptic filling, and the aseptic effect of the filling room and other supporting facilities. Liquid drinking filling machine, mainly divided into bottles, disinfection, washing, pouring, screwing several links. The domestic liquid drinking equipment has reached the international level and the development of the beverage industry in recent years. Created the development of beverage machinery. The performance of beverage filling equipment is mainly determined by speed, aseptic effect, shape equipment, equipment materials (316, 304, 212) and so on.

More diverse products, different Juice Production Line need more differentiated packaging, has become a trend in the beverage industry. In the next 3-5 years, with the great development potential of China's soft drinks, all beverage equipment manufacturers and packaging materials manufacturers will face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Low-cost operation and differentiated differences are always the same theme. 

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