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Tattooing over dark spots

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Hi folks,

Some unconventional questions ahead!

I have 2 dark spots next to my armpits (see attached picture of one side) that appeared due to an allergy to over-the-counter deodorants (they appeared like 5 years ago).

Unfortunately, the realization that I'm allergic to whatever ingredients that are in those deodorants (aluminum, alcohol, you name it...) was too late and only after my armpits started to cut and bleed, I assumed I should get rid of those deodorants. The result was sever PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) spots that appeared a few weeks after I fully healed. 
Over the years, I have tried some top-notch creams and laser therapies to try and combat the pigmentation (I visited some of the most famous skin clinics in my country), but the spots are extremely stubborn and don't seem to fade away at all (I've tried IPL, Q-switch, TIXEL, Hydroquinone 8%, etc').

I was told by a lot of dermatologists that the spots will never fade away and that I'll have to live with them.

Since the spots are here to stay, I thought that my last resort is to tattoo over them, but I have some concerns. I asked all those specialists that tried to treat me about tattooing the spots, but the answers I got were indecisive. They didn't really know what to tell me, so I'm trying my luck here, maybe someone here can share his knowledge with me.

1. How will a tattoo look when the underlying skin is brown? I mean, will it be like mixing 2 colors with each other, or will the ink overpower the spot's pigment?

2. I know that tattooing on high-friction, high-moisture areas (exactly like mine) isn't the brightest idea, because the tattoo might fade away quick. Is it true? If it is true, how come the "natural" brown pigmentation I have hasn't faded away? Are tattoo pigments and my pigments residing on different layers of the skin?

3. Obviously my skin is more sensitive than others'. Is there any way to assess the consequences of having a tattoo? Can I be allergic to the ink? Can the tattoos cause inflammation like the deodorants did? I read that most inks contain some nasty metals and unfriendly materials that will surely irritate my skin. But maybe are there natural pigments or anything less harmful that I could tolerate? 

4. Since the area is close to the lymph nodes, do you think that the ink can somehow diffuse to them and cause unwanted effects? Or am I too paranoid?

Will appreciate any kind of help!


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If a fully qualified dermatologist can’t answer your question I personally would play the safe card and not get a tattoo. You obviously understand what caused your reaction and also realise that some of the ingredients in tattoo ink/pigment has some nasty shit in it although in small doses but with your skin type could cause a very serious effect which could lead to even more serious health issues. Loads of people get armpit tattoos and don’t seem to have problems with them , but in your case I would just forget it and be happy that where your skin discolouration has happened is in a part that’s mostly hidden. 

Just my opinion


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