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Choose Filling Technology For Juice Processing Plant

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Each bottling or filling machine has its own unique filling technology and performance. Therefore, we must understand our products and goals. Here are three important criteria that you should keep in mind when considering what type of filling machine is right for your Juice Production Line needs. These will help you eliminate unnecessary research work and pick a liquid filling machine that will meet all your needs.
Product consistency:
Product consistency refers to the difference in consistency of the liquid product to be bottled. The nature of the product directly affects the filling technology. There are many products that may be thin (like perfume) and some may be semi-sticky or viscous (shower, shampoo or conditioner). Knowing the viscosity of the product is a good way to judge the type of bottle and the machine filling technique.
In order to fill the perfume, we need a machine with explosion-proof capabilities. If your product flashes at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, you need a pneumatic explosion-proof machine. If your liquid has a tendency to foam, you should consider using a bottom-up filling machine. If your product needs to be heated before filling, you must choose hot filling technology.
Bottle material:
In order to continue to purchase liquid filling machines, you need to determine the material of the bottle. Information about the type of container you wish to use is very important. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, from glass or plastic, or a mixture of the two. The next thing to remember is how to seal the bottle, how to label it, if the bottle is small or unstable, you need to put a dropper or brush.
Collect as much information as possible about how much productivity you will have, or what you want and expect from the machine. A very critical aspect in determining the type of machine used in a liquid filling project is productivity. The number of bottles you want to generate depends on the speed and capacity of the machine.
There are two types of filling machines: semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling machines.
Semi-automatic machines, also known as benchtop fillers, are a cost-effective solution for laboratories, R&D or start-up Juice Processing Plant. These machines need some help in their operation. They can fill up to 30 containers per minute depending on the product and total filling volume.
Automated machines are more complex and more productive. They have conveyor belts to transport containers to the filling station. They can accommodate many packaging functions. 

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