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Hello everyone,

So the shop I am currently at I have been at for about three years. I loved working here in the beginning and redid my apprenticeship with them. I've improved but my mentor is never there anymore and I'm very discouraged. But unfortunately he is one of the owners and his partner also has been falling off lately. Its turning into a shit show. I'm generally just trying to keep getting better and build a portfolio. But at this point im just waiting to see if they get it together or if it will crash and burn. Now to my question. How the fuck do I apply for a new shop. I want to move out of state I've been putting a portfolio of my work together as best I can. Trying to put a wanna do book together as well before I go with various styles etc. But can anyone give me some advice on what I can do to help the process. Or present my self more professionally. Or advice on where to look like check their Facebook pages. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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