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Help! Reaction to antibacterial soap during after care

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Hi everyone. So I'm I a bit of a situation. So I have hit the 2 week mark for my after care. I have been using an antibacterial unscented soap and tattoo goo. So, yesterday I ran out of soap so I bought another from the store, the problem is the only one they had was my original one BUT "also with mint oily" ffs marketing these days smh anyway so I used it today and now I have a huge rash across my side and on my new ink (located on my ribs / running the length of my body) 


I want to give it another clean before I sleep and apply some cocoa butter but the only other soap I have contains perfume. Any suggestions please 🙏

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Only where the tattoo is or is it on the other side too? 🤔

if only around the tattoo maybe you got yourself an infection, but after 2 weeks it sounds unlikely.

As David said.. don’t use the soap, or just change to any brand of cheap ‘pump’ type antibacterial one like dettol or Palmolive 

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