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Gambling related tattoo

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Hello everyone, in a few months I'll have another tattoo. I am not going to explain why I chose it, but I want something like this site´s logo and graphics (https://casino.guru/how-to-beat-slots) :D. I know it´s strange, but since I gamble I came across this site and it just hit me, since I was thinking about something similar. Obviously, I don´t want just to copy the guy on my body, but I was thinking of making him in the middle of casino games (roulette, cards, dices and slots). I want him to be seen as a winner, like in the graphics. What do you think about it? Do you have any idea how to improve not to be just "no of many"? 

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You have enough ideas without even seeing the image 

go into a good tattoo studio tell them what you want

pay money preferably winnings from the casino 

walk out with tattoo

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