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Back Spring Issues

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Hey guys, I am a Junior artist located in Australia.

I have been using a Mike Pike Half Cup shader since december 2016 and it has worked amazingly, I love using coils rather than rotary. However.. a week ago the bottom rear spring snapped, so I ordered two replacements (two in different sizes). I put it together perfectly, aligned it, etc and it looks exactly like it did before it snapped.

However it does not run. I am not too sure what else I can do? Is it the machine itself? Its none of my other equipment as its working fine for my other two liners I have. But the rear spring on my shader is the problem. What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to buy the exact spring from the Mike Pike selection? I dont think thats the case because when I brought it, another Junior Artist I worked with swapped the bar and springs for me. So I dont think thats the problem..

Any tips? troubleshoots? Even constructive feedback would be great. This is a great machine and I would hate to part with it because of a simple spring issue.



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Clean the tip of your contact screw with a bit of sandpaper to start. Did you strip the machine down? Re-assembled it with a wire touching the frame where it shouldn’t?

are the springs set properly with the rear spring on the bottom ( under) the front spring?

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