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Staying motivated

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So I’m fairly new to tattooing but im in a shop full time. For me business has been slow mostly because I have only been doing tattoos on friends and people I know. I have been doing a lot of flash (recently sailor jerry designs) in my spare time. My question is what’s a good way to stay motivated in the downtime and what are some ways I can keep improving even when not able to do tattoos? Also I find myself getting lazy sometimes because when it’s slow one of my other coworkers at the shop doesn’t do much art wise and I think it’s rubbing off on me a bit any advice?

btw I post a lot of my paintings on my Instagram feel free to check them out maybe give a follow thanks: @sg.artist

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Drinkin', whorin', and gamblin' usually fill up the time pretty good!   

Joking, of course (I'm too cheap to take up gambling).  

I have difficulty staying motivated, as well. If work doesn't come to me, I have a tendency to do nothing.  To keep things interesting I use a lot of different media and have several drawings, paintings and sculptures going at once.  If I'm not in the mood to continue one thing in watercolor I may be in the mood to push around some oils.   And when I really just don't feel like doing anything I read biographies of accomplished artists.   This doesn't really inspire me as much as it shames me into being productive.  

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