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HELP! What wrong with my fresh tattoo!!

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Hi all, 

im new to to tattooing world as i got my coil machine and practicing on oranges and learning.....i tattooed a freind and it went soo well....but something is wrong with the tattoo i gave to myself. It went ok and sharp then after a ten days the peel is still toooo thick....and the ink is spreading under the skin..... pics ar attached.

i may missed to keep it mois all the time with petrolium jelly.....i dnt know is that an infection? But no infalimantion or germs sayings. 

i used 7RL

Eternal black ink 

Spot: knee front as seen 

What is going wrong!? 


Thanks in advance 




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It depends on how you work with your machine... You cannot compare an orange to a human flesh..and every human beings have different kind of skins... Try to read a little bit bout anatomy f

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