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Self evaluation - I think I’m basic.

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Female -26 yo. My first tattoo was a typical dandelion, with birds on my ribs. I veered off and my second tattoo was a pineapple on my right a** cheek. I admit, I’m probably considered a “basic bitch” not only in tattoo choices, but in all aspects of my life. I keep looking at tattoo ideas (I’m not very original) and end up with “basic b*tch” designs. Should I just go for it considering I don’t deny being “basic”? Should I keep trying to wait until I can come with some other ideas? Idk that will ever happen (all my ideas thus far fall into the basic category) should I care?

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You just be you! (response brought to you by a "best basic response"search on Pinterest)

Kidding aside: do whatever you want - it's your skin.  Best option is to use images as a reference; take them to a tattooer you like; and let him/her use that as a starting point. 

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