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Reported Posts, Spam and Time-wasters.

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Rather than read through, and dissect all the submissions regarding Reported Posts and Members, some of which were very eloquently put, I just deleted ALL POSTS which fell into the categories mentioned above...Still a few to go, but, will catch them in due course... If you submitted a Post or another Member, for any reason, then, I apologise as I was not here at the time, and to back track evidence, would melt my head....However, from now on, any fukn around, or shenanigans, will be dealt with accordingly, so, please play fair, and try to respect each other, if that is not possible, then hide your keyboard, or scroll on by, or, if you feel the need, hit me up with your issue/reason...Peace y'all.P.

If you are bored, then, have a scan of my youtube channel, might help refresh your memories of who I am..With my lovely Scottish accent...


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