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Questions regarding symbolism of a traditional Japanese Irezumi

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I really like Japanese culture and their Irezumi tattoos so I decided to get a sleeve done in this style.  The main thing I would like to depict in symbols is my marriage. I found out that the best symbols for that would be the Hou-ou bird (phoenix) or the snake (hebi). They symbolize rebirth, new life and etc. I would like to accompany these symbols with chrysanthemum (kiku) for the perfection of my upcoming life. And as I believe the background of the symbols should be wind. I would like to keep the tattoo as traditional as possible. So my main questions are: Can these symbols be depicted in one picture? would it interfere with logic? Maybe I can depict the event in other symbols?

Thank you for your help.

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Get on the phone 

call a tattoo artist and go and actually see him /her

pay them a deposit and get them to draw something up you have enough info for them to work with

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