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So I am looking at getting my first tattoo and the idea I have is for a lotus flower with a mandala type pattern inside each petal and the central petal representing Yoni, female strength, feminine divine and the vagina. However I am a caucasian female of european descent and am concerned that this would be offensive to Hinduism and possibly other cultures?

The reason this tattoo is so personal and important to me is what it represents. I have spent the last four years studying a degree to become a midwife and have recently started practicing. These last four years have been the most challenging years of my life. For me the significance of a lotus growing from mud is metaphorically significant as my journey through challenges to flower as a midwife. The lotus flower also signifies rebirth and femininity. The significance of the Yoni reference is the appreciation I have for the female soul, mind and body. The strength and capability of growing and birthing a new life and my own strength as a woman. I could go on and but I think I have given enough detail...


As in love as I am with this idea I really would hate to offend anybody from cultures which the history of these designs have originated.


Please let me know your perspective on my tattoo idea!

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Just do it! 


( this comment is in no way, shape or form affiliated with the “Nike” sportswear brand or any of its associated companies!)

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