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Immortal ink black fading early?

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Hi this is my first time on a forum, apologies in advance if I have no technical know how on terminology and other malarkey, I am on here to find stuff out about tattooing and to better myself at tattooing, I am trying to learn as much as I can and local tattooists basically don’t want to know, which I can understand, but that doesn’t help me lol basically I want to know has anyone used immortal black tattoo ink? I have used it and found that it fades very early, like 2-3 weeks after the tattoo, I want to know if;

a) it’s a needle depth issue

b) a power set up or tuning set up issue

c) the ink is just not up to the job

or d) something I’m just not doing right

please if anyone can help me I am really busting a guy with this one as I have also used Viking black liner and it doesn’t seem to fade

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Just buy talens rather than the shit like immortal then it will be one less thing to worry about 

dont worry about  the "you cant use that for tattooing" brigade  as its been used for more years than ive been alive and im nearly 50

but i would say without seeing or watching it wil probably be all 4 if im totally honest

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Have since changed my lining to Viking dark lining ink, it was the ink after all, thanks for the reply tho I really do appreciate whatever anyone has to offer me, cheers mate

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