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Dougie Yoshi

Chair Rental vs Percentage - Setting up a Tattoo Studio

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Hey guys, I am in the process of setting up my first tattoo shop in a busy UK city (keeping it on the QT for the mo). Licence application in place, business partner organised, busy decorating and buying equipment. Happy days. My experience of tattooing has been in shops that take 50% to 60% of client fees. In the city I am in there are no shops that offer artists a chair rental, instead of taking a percentage. I am planning to offer artists a chair rental price of £1000 a month, rising by £100 each month to £1500 pcm. I hope to attract more experienced artists who want to make bigger bucks and have more autonomy, without taking the step of opening their own shop.

Long story - why are there so few shops that offer chair rental? Is it  simply because there is less money in it? Not caring about making big money myself, just running a cool place. Maybe I'm deluded. Any thoughts guys?

Cheers, Dougie

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More money in % for the owner 

nor sure if there are any busy uk towns left anymore and without tattoo shops even rarer lol

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