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Best tattoo machine brands?

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what’s a good brand of tattoo machines?. I want to get into tattooing on my own for now before I try for an apprenticeship and want to buy a good brand to practice with (on fake skin) but all I see online is those cheap Chinese kits.

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Well, you should know that you’re going to develop bad habits such as poor hygiene and sanitation practices, possibly causing future client’s bad infections and potential lawsuits, possibly face legal action at home if you actually tattoo someone, you’re likely to develop poor needle depth and damage, and generally have no understanding of how traumatic your movements and motions are to the skin but sure, and many more bad habits 

Fk irons


Neo tat


Dan Kubin

You can find some semi decent alternative on the worldwide tattoo site, or the painful pleasures site. 


If anyone claims that their passion is tattooing but is too lazy to try and find an apprenticeship, then you’re just lying to yourself, you get what you work for.

However, sometimes i know that’s not always a legitimate option due to real logistical issues, and i can understand the curiosity. Do yourself a favor though, exhaust all possible options - even if it means taking 6-12 months to become a better artist to get into an apprenticeship. 

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