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Cartridge Needles Suggestions?

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Hey guys, I recently purchased a Xion S for tattooing and I was previously using Helios Cartridges which seemed decent. I am looking for MEMBRANE only cartridges and I was wondering what cartridges out there you guys would recommend. Since I use the Xion S, I can only use membrane cartridges in the future with it. 

I just placed an order for 20 bugpin 07 RL SLT precision cartridges, and I placed an order for a couple Cheyenne Craft groupings soft edge magnums. 

What other cartridges would you guys recommend? Recently tried bigwasp Gen2 with the membrane and theyre such crap that honestly ive been thinking about throwing them all in the trash. Only reason I havent is because I cant afford to be wasting money at this point in my tattoo career lol. 

need a high quality work horse cartridge with varying size options (like bugpin and long taper stuff =) ty guys

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