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I'm new here, name is Kyle.

I am looking to get a tattoo on my leg and as of right now I have plans for the rest of my boy especially for my arm in which i want a sleeve of a forest. However, based on where I live, I can't get tattoos that show in work clothes because of employers. Due to this I am planning to get a tattoo on my leg and I am not sure and also open to suggestions about what i should put on my leg cause I want my tattoos to be but flow with my body. If any have any suggestions or opinions they want to share please do.


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?‍♂️ So you have a ‘plan’ but you don’t know what to get , but whatever you get has to be hidden, so you came here to get ideas??

have you tried  a google search for ‘forest tattoo’ ?

why not get a nice unicorn ? on your leg as it will fit with the ‘forest’ theme that you are aiming for.

other than that suggestion you could always go into a tattoo shop and explain your predicament to an artist there...

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