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My first tattoo

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 This is the first tattoo I've done by myself on skin. My friend volunteered. Was with 2 crappy kit coil guns and millennium moms inks. I'm now using a higher quality rotary pen machine and eternal ink (which I love) although I still use millennium mom's white, dark blue, and a bright orange. I'll post my latest tattoos soon. 



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The first tattoo you should do should be on yourself!

that way you get a feel for speed, depth, angle, stretch, etc without fucking someone up

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Oh and I am not responsible for the date that's tattooed above my work. Just the matchbook and words fire and gasoline...I did a tattoo on myself after. I had some experience as an apprentice (was not a great place or great artist and I left because of it) and have touched ink to skin before just never done a full tattoo by myself. Also that was 13 years ago. Before I tattooed my friend I practiced on pig skin for some time. Also I'll post a pic of it healed. It healed out beautifully. No scabbing or anything while it Was healing. He's one of my roommates so made it easy to check in. 

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