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The paste Thickening Equipment supplier in coal tailings treatment

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An MPC algorithm was also formulated based on the above process model. The simulation results show the capability of MPC to improve the operation of the paste Thickening Equipment supplier in coal tailings treatment which translates to higher potential of water savings. The ability of MPC to treat process constraints explicitly also suits the paste thickener operation to enable the U/F solids concentration and bed height to be controlled within a certain window as well as to account for the physical restrictions of underflow pump speed. In summary, for paste thickener control, the MPC is able to deliver excellent performance because it utilizes the process model, take into account the effect of external disturbance as well as handle process constraints explicitly.

The energy to overcome the resistance to deformation is call the Yield Stress. The yield stress is a function of the solids concentration and typically increases rapidly as the solids concentration approaches that of a fully connected matrix. This is a fairly complex subject, but it should be noted that most mineral slurries that are concentrated enough to exhibit a yield stress are also subject to a phenomena called shear thinning, where imparting some energy into the slurry reduces the yield stress. It is typical for a sheared yield stress to be 40% or more lower than the corresponding unsheared yield stress taken at the same solids concentration. The material inside a thickener is generally unsheared and the thickener design needs to be capable of handling and transporting this material internally. Some thickener manufacturers have designs to take advantage of this phenomena.

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