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Coal type parameters inside the China Thickening Equipment

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An MPC implementation approach is proposed which allows model parameters (related to the properties of different coal types) to be identified recursively online using the nonlinear process model. This is accomplished by utilizing the real plant data in the extended Kalman Filter based on the nonlinear model to predict the coal type parameters inside the China Thickening Equipment. This has the advantage of allowing the implementation of a linear MPC to reduce the complexity on the control algorithm.

Coal preparation is an integral part of the coal commodity supply chain. This stage of post-mining, pre-utilization beneficiation uses low-cost separation technologies to remove unwanted mineral matter and moisture which hinder the value of the coal product. Coal preparation plants typically employ several parallel circuits of cleaning and dewatering operations, with each circuit designed to optimally treat a specific size range of coal. Recent innovations in coal preparation have increased the efficiency and capacity of individual unit operations while reinforcing the standard parallel cleaning approach.

In order to study the mechanical bearing structure stability of soft surrounding rock of circular roadway nearby excavation face after "anchor-net-shotcrete" support, the surrounding rock of roadway was classified into crack zone, soften zone and elastic zone from inside to outside along radial direction of roadway according to surrounding rock deformation and mechanical features, among them the "anchor-net-shotcrete" support was mainly constructed in crack zone. Based on unified yield criterion, incremental constitutive equation and softened rock mechanical model, solutions of surrounding rock stress and deformation were obtained under the interaction of "surrounding rock-support".

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