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Little lost

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Hey guys! Complete noob here and taking the opportunity to say hello and to ask a few questions. 

I'm partly stuck and partly lost. I've been practicing/looking at different styles of tattoos to expand my repertoire, which has worked to varying degrees. I know there are certain styles I just can't do - like realism - and other styles I've advanced as much as I can (note: I am most comfortable with new school style, though my color theory isn't very strong). It's been a few months now and I have exhausted all avenues, so if anyone has a favorite place/channel/blog they get ideas or tutorials from, can I pilfer off your list?

I am not so sure what my next step should be as I'm not sure I'm at the point yet where I can start on a portfolio. Any advice, tips, tricks, anything you have to share then please share it!

Thank you! 

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Sorry, are you tattooing or building a portfolio to look for an apprenticeship? 

If you're tattooing, ask the people you're apprenticing under. If you're not apprenticing, proceed to step 2:

If you're building a portfolio: just study your tattoo history, keep producing high quality art in styles and mediums you know you excel at, as well as trying to emulate other styles you like (without ever directly copying or tracing a reference)

Good luck buddy

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