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There are different types of Flotation Equipment

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There are different types of Flotation Equipment, now the following article will mainly focus on three types of flotation equipment. One type is mechanical agitation type flotation equipment. Mechanical agitation type flotation equipment pulp aeration and mixing are composed of impeller and custom mechanical stirring device. It belongs to the external self-priming type flotation equipment, the flotation equipment, usually the upper gas suction, namely mechanical stirring device at the bottom of the flotation tank near the suction air. According to the type of mechanical mixing device, this type of flotation machine can be divided into different models, such as XJ, XJQ, GF, SF and stick. The advantages of such flotation equipment are: self-absorbed air and slurry, easy to realize self-flow when returning from middle ore, less auxiliary equipment, neat equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance, etc.. The disadvantage is that there is a small amount of gas, high power consumption and large wear.

At the end of the 19th century, due to the increasing demand for metals, the resources of coarse-grained lead, zinc, and copper sulphide minerals that could be treated by re-election decreased gradually. In order to sort fine-grained ore, flotation was explicitly proposed as a beneficiation method. In 1903 Elmer proposed the hybrid oil flotation method, which was considered to be the starting point of modern flotation. Subsequently, the flotation process achieved rapid development. The development of flotation equipment was also in full swing, in 1909 Goover T.

The shadows of economic recession and war gradually dispersed. The Flotation Machine began to grow in size, and a few years later, the first large-scale mechanical flotation flotation machine The successful use of Bougainville Island announced the beginning of the large-scale flotation machine. Since the 1970s, in addition to mechanically agitated flotation machines, equipment such as inflatable flotation machines and flotation columns has also been continuously innovated in structure and materials, and has been gradually recognized by the market for large-scale industrial applications.

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