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Helping with first tattoo idea and location

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I hope this is the place in the forum for this stuff, and if not please direct me to the right place.

I want to do my first tattoo on my trip to Thailand (recommended places in bangkok would be helpful).

I want to do one word called "Meraki"

It means  "to put yourself into everything you do"

I'm a writer so for me it means to put myself into everything I write.

I need help with the location and if possible design idea of the tattoo, having the most meaning to writing and art.

Thanks a lot, Nir.


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To be honest 

its script so it can go where ever you want nothing challenging in it 

it all depends on size 

no good having a chest piece size on a foot if you get my drift


ps dont get it dont on a "holiday" big mistake

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is a greek word and a -tattooed- version of it may be seen in the picture. It really does not make sense to get it done in Thailand no matter whether you intent to have in english or in greek. In general, it is not a mature choice to get tattooed while on holiday as Mark said already.





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