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Tattoo Convention Help

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I am a PhD student at UT and I am conducting a survey about tattoo conventions. I am reaching out to you today to see if you would be willing to take the brief 100% anonymous survey. It takes less than 5 mins but will help me a lot. I am trying to collect 400 of these bad boys, so if you want to pass it along to your friends/clients I’d appreciate it.
The survey results will help me create managerial and marketing implications (basically, give suggestions on how to market your business to a tattooed person)… if you would like, I can pass that information along to you to utilize in future marketing, advertising, or whatever. I appreciate it!


I know you all have probably seen this post before, and if so, I am sorry. I have tapped out all my resources and the conventions in the area are not being occurring right now, so I have to troll the internet. I really do appreciate your help.

Sarah (Sauce) Frankel

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There really is no need to market to people who are tattooed

the ways it is done is 





and to my mind the best which is word of mouth


no fancy analyst with graphs is going to mean shit to a pirate just shows someone has roo much time on their hands

the market is so flooded now the only way to survive is be better than the next man in the street and that means putting out good ink not by putting up marketing bullshit in the window


why pick tattooing anyway 

there is plenty of other business out there that would probably love all this white collar stuff

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Why are you disguising a baseline personality test as a convention survey?

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