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New tattoo healing strangely. Advice would be appreciated

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Hello all.


This is the first tattoo i got on the back of my hand. I got it about 5 days ago.

I am posting here because I didnt have any simmilar issues with my previous tartoos.

But this one developed strange white/yellow-ish scabs in some parts around the edges. They are not sore, but they do sting/feel tight occasionally. I suppose this is because of the flexible place they are on. 

They are dry and firm. No discharge is visible.

Did anyone see scabs like these before? Should i go see a doctor?


Thanks a lot!




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Machine too fast or hand speed too slow, either that or too much stretch when tattoo being done IMO , oooorrrrr.... you have a reaction to the invisible ink?

maybe you’re also having problems maintaining an erection for any more than a minute or so... if so let us help.Here at Ink Trails tattoo forum we deal with many many many different problems from people from all walks of life, everything from stupidity to herpes and marital issues to broke down cars, but since your problem seems to be a medical one and most members only have the doctors degree they found at the bottom of their breakfast cereal box, it looks like your are bang out of luck today ?

No one is available right now to answer your query ....Please try again later! goodbye ? 

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