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Bad cover up. I need some expertise...

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I am in desperate need of advise. For my birthday I got together some cash for a cover up on my hand. The lady, starr, at circus muse, in atascosita tx, did a terrible job. I really don't know what to do with this and I do not want to have lazer removal. The moon was supposed to be white and black but the old tattoo shows right through it. Don't think any of her ink inside the moon stayed. 

I have an artist I was talking with that suggested he could go over the bad parts with out ink And do a sea salt wash a few days to lighten it up, for easier cover up, or he could "do what the other artist did". Have you heard of, seen, done, or personally had, the no ink approach? Also any good cover up, or fix up ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PS - new to the forum thing, just lookin for help and info. I also totally posted this in the wrong place on here the first time and couldn't get a picture up. :)


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So the moon was supposed to cover the lopsided line work on the compass?  Expand the compass with a larger center and more points. Forget the moon. If the info on Circus Muse's site is current, don't get tattooed by an apprentice. And if they didn't tell you she was apprenticing, they should have. 

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Here is before she covered a "shooting star" and the morning after. They did not tell me she was an apprentice. Nor did she. I should have walked away when she replied to a co-worker "oh its just a cover up." I know I should have researched better. The shop had okay reviews and all so I thought I was good. Big mistake. She did the moon and compass. Does not look like the two reference pictures I showed her of what I wanted at all.  I was thinking along the lines of what you are suggesting for a fix. Just can't find a compass that I think will cover this.


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