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Shocked! woman with 'vegan' face tattoo

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Last week, the news that a woman get 'vegan' tattooed on her face shocked the internet.  She recently decided to take her dedication to veganism to the next level by having the word ‘vegan’ tattooed on her face.So crazy, it's fine for me to tattooing on arm ,leg or even neck. but still can not accept a face tattoo.what do you think?

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Face tattoos in my opinion should be  only for those people who are already heavily tattooed, or have run out of room elsewhere, definitely not as a ‘first’ tattoo(although I don’t think any tattooist with morals would perform it as a clients  first) maybe she should have just had a carrot ? or cucumber ? tattooed on her fingers or something , maybe even a bowl of salad ? on her hand.... either way it’s still a definite jobstopper ?

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