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Hello All!

I am a 28 year old female who has devoted my life to art and finding a job and career I will love instead of working the dreadful 9-5 for a headache and lousy paycheck. I am very artistic and have been drawn to art since I was a very small child...As I got older my mediums have changed (I still finger paint lol) but my goals haven't. I have always wanted to work a job I'd love, around artsy people who have the San passions I do. Now let's fast forward some years of dedication to the art and picture me lost in the world of wanting that perfect apprenticeship.

I applied for a great position and have myself an interview coming up! Years of research and dedication might land me my dream job- If I could just relax (lol). I'm usually not this excited over an interview but this is my dream guys and I'm super pumped! This is not just a "job" I'm applying for but a career move that could change my life...Which leads me to the questions I have:

1. Were any of you so giddy before your interviews and how did you deal?

2. What is a "normal" rule of thumb for the attire worn at an interview? Clothes, hair, nails and accessories?

And finally if you remember any pivotal moments during your interview can you post them as well?

I'm so very excited to see your responses! Thanks for answering, hopefully we will be chatting soon!




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They will want someone who is outgoing and bubbly but level headed

no one wants a miserable twat on the reception as it gives the wrong impression

if its a tattoo shop you are going in for just clean will win the day Dont go in  stinking  of fags or BO they will probably check your fingernails as well so make sure they are really clean

good luck



ps if you get it dont start asking when the apprentiship starts as that will probably be some time away 

and you will probably spend longer with a broom in your hand than a pencil

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Thanks for your response. I am genuinely a happy chick who tends to have people flock to me because of my open and out going personality and also have very good hygiene and keep my weirdness in apparel clean and also respectful which are both pluses! I wasn't sure if my combat boots and baby doll shirts were ok, if I should dress up more or what. I should be good then...Now if I could just calm down,lol. Easier said than done I am a ball of nerves here!!

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