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Hello from Chiang, Mai Tattoo

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Hi everyone, my name is Ryan. My wife and I own Panumart Tattoo here in northern Thailand.

Three years ago I moved to Thailand. Back then I was working in web design. At the time I never thought I'd work with tattoos. But then I met Ahm, who is now my wife. Last year she underwent an apprenticeship. Her teacher liked her so much that he invited her to work at his shop. A time came though when I missed her so much and asked if she would like to open up a shop of her own. Together we teamed up to open up Panumart Tattoo. She did the important stuff of course, while I handled the website design and customer service.

My favorite part of the process so far (other than working with Ahm) is the interaction with customers. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. Especially since Chiang Mai attracts tourists from all over the world. It's so nice that tattooing brought us together.

Anyway, that's me. Hope you all have a nice day. 


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