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Alright people!

I'm fairly new to the tattoo scene. Got my first tattoo in august on my leg. Now I've got most of my left arm covered. Absolutely love it. Cant get enough! 


I'll be looking for advice through the forums. Not gonna blurt it all out here as I'm only meant to be introducing myself!


I've always had a huge amount of respect for tattoos and people that have them. especially big ones. Sleeves, chests, backs ect.

My biggest regret is not starting sooner. Toyed with the idea for almost 5 years before I took the plunge. And if I'm honest the plunge I took probably wasn't the best one. Kept going though because I developed a huge amount of respect and trust for my artist.


Cant wait to get some advice and ideas from wiz all!


Rory! :rolleyes:

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