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Hi people!

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Good day people,

I'm new to this forum and just want to introduce myself.

I've been interested in the art of tattooing for years and years now and decided to take the step to learn it myself. I have no intention to turn it into a job or start tattooing other people any time soon though. My focus is on learning it because I simply love everything about it. Must say my respect for tattoo artists has rapidly grown since I've started :rolleyes:

After doing 40'ish pigskin tattoos I recently started practicing on myself. Partly out of curiosity and partly because people advised me to do so to further my learning. I've found that tattooing dead pig doesn't even come close to the reality of actual human skin. And it shows in the, quite horrendous, tattoos I now have on my legs :lol:

Despite the not so pretty results for now I do love to tattoo and I hope this forum can provide me with information to keep developing and improving...

To give you all an idea of my progress... here's one of the pieces I recently did on my leg.






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