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Location and ideas advice/ reccomendations?

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hello! I've been wanting to get a second tattoo for a while now, and its been difficult for me to find one that has meaning to me. My first and only tattoo is of a mountain range- on my left arm's outer forearm near the wrist. It is about 3 inches long. I only have one picture of my tattoo on my laptop, so I hope the one I provide gives you an idea of what I have. Im considering another tattoo of either a dove, or a flower. The dove has meaning to me, and I'm still currently looking into what kind of flower I would consider. If I have anything done, I would want it on the back of my arm, above my elbow. Do you think that this placement would look stupid because of my already existing tattoo on my forearm? The tattoo I would get on the back of my arm would not be huge, probably the same size as my current one. also,  Do you have any advice as to what kind of tattoo may compliment the one I have now? Im open to suggestions too, I just want another tattoo. Im open to any and all ideas, because I'm running out of my own. Thanks!


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You are not ready for your next tattoo 

if you were you would know what you want


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