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I need some recommendations

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So basically some time ago i got a new tattoo which was amazing to me at the time and still is but tbh i didn't really think it through good enough. 
Now it's time for a new one and i'm thinking of starting a sleeve continuing the tattoo which i have now and i'm stuck becouse i don't know how to approach it.. 
Lately i'm kind of into biomechanical tattoos, but if you have any ideas or suggestions at all please let me know. 

  Cheers, Bracketz


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If you can't come up with an appropriate design, don't force it. Some of the worst tattoos are a result of, "I want to add on to this..."  Not all tattoos qualify as a work in progress. Want a sleeve? Plan a sleeve, and get to work on the there arm. 

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I agree with David, but you've decided on going to a full sleeve, i'd recommend that you should stay on theme:
not only the design could come up as a "whole" piece, but also clockwork would make up for a steampunk/ biomechanical tattoo. And while you're still thinking this through, reassess if you're content with the symmetry of the original design, especially in motion or when you rotate your arm – you can make minimal changes to the composition so that it won't seem as "rigid", without losing the overall sense of symmetry.. But, again, i  agree with David.


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