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Having a hard time tattooing darker skin tones.

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Hey everyone, 

( I am in no way shape or form trying to be rascist or anything like that) 

 My name is Dylan and I am a licensed tattoo artist in Norfolk, Virginia. I started tattooing when I was about 12-13 years old, just doing small simple stuff on my friends and on myself. I was offered an apprenticeship around the time I turned 14 years old and accepted the opportunity. During those times the majority of my tattoo projects were on lighter skin tones, I felt confident tattooing simple things like lettering and simple illustrative pieces on dark skin the few times I was doing them, now ten years later I am starting to do much bigger and much more detailed pieces on medium to very dark skin tones and I have had two clients in the last few months come back to me and the tattoos look like they are being over worked. I could really use some feedback from other PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists that are regularly Tattooing dark skin. 

   ** I use a neotat vivace rotary machine with a 3.5 mm stroke and peak cartridges with a critical power supply usually running at around 7 volts**

When I am doing the tattoos I try and tattoo the same way I tattoo light skin, and I have not had any issues with my tattoos healing on light skin, and it is really driving me crazy. 

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darker skin tends to scar easily. If it'd their first tattoo, all you can do is ask them how they heal: do they get thick or dark scars from minor cuts? If they do have tattoos, see if they healed with any raised areas. If so, do the tattoo in a few sessions with as light an application as possible. 

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