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Holding the Machine

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I was practicing drawing with pencil and machine to get used to the weight of the machine and this thought occured.

 When holding your tattoo machine does it make a big difference in which fingers you use to hold your grip? 

Reason I ask is because most people use  the first finger and thumb to pinch and the middle finger for support when they hold a pencil. I have read that the middle finger can help with making sure you keep the same depth while tattooing.

When I hold a pencil I have always used my Ring finger. The pencil rest on my ring finger.

Would this have any effect on tattooing abilities? 

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I swing the machine around every which way; so the exact positioning of the grip in your hand won't really matter once you're working out an actual design. Whatever helps you keep the tip stable without applying a death grip is the right way to do it. 

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