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I got a tattoo (all black) on my inner arm last year and haven't had any problems until now.  I also have plenty of other tattoos (black and color) and have never had a problem.  But recently I've been noticing that my tattoo is itchy and the ink is raised, particularly on the darker/most-shaded areas of the tattoo.  I'm getting nervous that I may be having an allergic reaction and rejecting the ink. Has anyone heard of this being a problem? What should I do? I really love this tattoo and it's really beautiful in a very visual part of my body, so I don't want the appearance to be ruined.

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Its not itchy due to allergies, its itchy cause its slightly scarred. Scar tissue can get itchy for a few years, but it will eventually go away, Had the same issue on my ribs about 4 years ago. It's fine now

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