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What does this mean?!

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Okay, so my tattoo is a week old, and these little bubbles started showing up two days ago, and I have no idea why! They don't hurt, the spot isn't swollen or smelly, they just itch at some times throughout the day. Does anyone know why they are there? And if it's a sign of infection? They started growing away from my tattoo, and there are a few on it. None have popped, so I haven't seen any puss or anything. Thanks! 

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hate to break it to you, but that sounds like an alien is incubating / living in your body.. probably injected from a tattoo needle, starts to grow through your skin.. like in the Sigourney weaver movie...

however, if you think that s not the case, it might also be just a simple skin irritation, clogged pores from either dirt or too much sweating / aftercare lotion. does it get excessively hot where you at? could be an infection / staphlococcus... an ink allergy... I m shooting in the air since I cant see what you speak of, but these may be something you may want to research or look up.

a photo might do wonders - not sure if it s on the tattoo as well, or just outside of it.

best advice, don't trust anyone on a forum... speak to a dermatologist. hope this helps.

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