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Please help ! Killer Ink tattoo kit

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I am currently browsing for tattoo supplies / kits as I would like to see if I  like it by trying on fake skin /pig skin (Not real skin) before I dedicate 3 years to an apprenticeship. I know tattoo kits are normally very bad quality and made from China but I found one from Killer Ink for apprenticeships ,  but I would like to know your opinion on it and any information that can help . I would post pictures but the files are too big . It's called the Professional tattoo kit ||| - Advanced.

Thanks in advance.


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I agree with mark101. I have heard "well my machine in my Chinese kit works great" meanwhile they are tattooing their wife, brother or somebody and scarring them up then asking why the ink didn't stay in. Everybody wants to jump right into it without learning the basics.  While I was apprenticing I slowly got quality equipment and the artist teaching me had started me out with a decent liner.  I was fortunate to have him.  You can find some quality gear for a good price if you search. The inks in some of those kits I have read are toxic. If this is something you are serious about doing there is plenty to do before picking up a machine. Idk your skill level as an artist for drawing but I would start there. 1 pencil is all you need right now. You can do a lot with a single #2 pencil. Get your line work and shading good with the pencil. Print out some pictures from google images, trace them and look at the pic for the black and grey values. The only time in the beginning I was aloud to pick up a machine was when I was drawing. He had me use a pencil in a machine. Learn about blood born pathogens and communicable diseases, Online offers plenty of learning and testing sites and you can print a completed course certificate. Learn about proper sterilization procedures, needle depth, looking over needles to assure there is no hooking, how to correctly set up, tear down and tune machines.  The proper way to setup your work station and tear it down. There is a lot to learn in this trade that some people will never know because they jumped into it.  I was given basically weekly tests on what i learned for that week.  I am glad that he was like that with me. I'm new here but so far from what i can see there are plenty of real talented and knowledgable artists here. Just ask, learn all you can. Draw draw draw. There are a few machines that won't break the bank and are quality made. I know a guy in Clermont Florida that makes real nice running machines for a good price.   Sorry I am long winded at times. Best of luck to you. 

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